Group Members

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Dinesh Bharadia

Principal Investigator, WCSNG
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, San Diego

PhD Students

Roshan Ayyalasomayajula

PhD Student, started 2017

  • Roshan’s current research interests are in using wireless and computer vision techniques bolstered with machine learning algorithms. He focuses on applications such as detection, localization, and tracking of objects with a vision of autonomous vehicles.
  • Highlights: Conext'19, Mobicom'20, NSDI'20, ICASSP'21, IMWUT '21

Yeswanth Reddy G.

PhD student, started 2017

  • Yeswanth is developing systems which explore new paradigms to interact with the RF spectrum for applications such as spectrum sensing and RF fingerprinting. Future projects include indoor AP synchronization for localization and distributed MIMO.
  • Highlights: NSDI'19, Mobisys'19, Sensys'20

Manideep Dunna

PhD Student, started 2018

  • Manideep's research focuses on using backscatter techniques for low power wireless relays and in-body communications.
  • Highlights: Mobicom'20, JSSC'20, ISSCC'21, NSDI'21, NSDI'21

Ish Kumar Jain

PhD Student, started 2018

  • Ish is working on millimeter wave communications to provide high reliability and low latency for applications such as virtual reality and vehicular communications.
  • Highlights: NSDI'20, mmNets'20, Sigcomm'21

Kshitiz Bansal

PhD Student, started 2018

  • Kshitiz's research interests include ML algorithms and their applications in communication networks, wireless systems and sensors. His current work involves the fusion of radar sensing and computer vision with primary focus on autonomous driving systems.
  • Highlights: Sensys'20

Hadi Givehchian

PhD Student, started 2018

  • Hadi’s research interests include developing machine learning and data-driven algorithms to enhance networked systems (e.g. wireless communication and sensing, resource sharing and scheduling)
  • Co-advised by Prof. Aaron Schulman

Aditya Arun

PhD Student, started 2019

  • Aditya's research currently focuses on realizing accurate indoor localization by introducing a new WiFi-based sensor modality using graph-based optimization techniques.
  • Highlights: NSDI'20, Mobicom'20, Sensys'20 workshop, IMWUT '21

Raghav Subbaraman

PhD Student, started 2019

  • Raghav's research areas span spectrum sensing and development of robust wireless testbed platforms. He is particularly interested in understanding how sensing can influence control and orchestration of communication systems.
  • Highlights: NSDI'19, Getmobile'20, mmNets'20, NSDI'21, Sigcomm'21

Agrim Gupta

PhD Student, started 2019

  • Agrim's research interest is solving analysis-intensive problems stemming in Wireless Communications, involving topics like MIMO, ML techniques in Wireless Communications, Indoor Positioning, and Backscatter Communications.
  • Sensys'20 Workshop, NSDI'21, IEEE Journal'21

Richard Bell

PhD Student, started 2019

  • Richard's research interests are in localization of RF emitters and applications of machine learning in wireless communications. Richard would like to achieve the true vision of a cognitive radio.

Tian Qiu

PhD Student, started 2021 (MS, since 2019)

  • Tian's research interest is in wireless VR and video compression.
  • Primary advisor: Prof. Pamela Cosman

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson


Hans Yu

PhD student with Prof. Ramesh Rao
Project: WiFi handovers

Patrick Ling

Research and Development Engineer, ECE, UCSD
Project: PHY Layer Design for Software Defined Radios

Master’s Students

Chenfeng Wu

UG since 2016, MS since 2020 (joined WCSNG in 2019)
Project: Robotics and Indoor Navigation

  • Highlight: Coauthor [Mobicom'20], [NSDI'20]

Keshav Rungta

UG since 2016, MS since 2020 (joined WCSNG in 2019)
Project: Robotics and Radars

  • Highlights: Coauthor [Sensys'20]

Sanjeev Anthia Ganesh

Master student since 2020
Project: Backscatter

Howard Chi

Master student since 2020
Project: Full Duplex Radios

Undergraduate Students

Raini Wu

Undergrad student since 2019 (joined WCSNG in 2019)
Project: Virtual Reality

William Hunter

Undergrad student since 2019 (joined WCSNG in 2021)
Project: Localization

Tyler Chang

Undergrad student since 2018 (joined WCSNG in 2020)
Project: Localization

  • Highlights: IMWUT 2021


Chi Zhang

2017-2019 (Now at Google, SD)
Role: Chi was a postdoc whose research interests include energy-efficient wireless networking, precision & robust localization, wireless power delivery, as well as mobile & ubiquitous sensing.

  • Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Highlights: Mobisys'19, Mobicom'20, ISSCC'20

Alumni MS students

  • Gautham Reddy (MS 2021) (Radar)
  • Nitish Kulshrestha (MS 2021) (Backscatter)
  • Navin Adarsh (MS 2021) (Channel Prediction)
  • Mila Tan (MS 2021) (Millimeter-wave testbed) (Now at maxlinear)
  • Weginbara (Michael) Youpele (MS 2021) (Millimeter-wave testbed)
  • Xiangwei Shao (MS 2021) (Millimeter-wave testbed) (Co-authored mmNets’20) (Now at Huawei)
  • Hou-Wei Lin (MS 2021) (Millimeter-wave testbed) (Co-authored mmNets’20) (Now at Amazon, SJ)
  • Yeswanth Guntupalli (MS 2021) (Full Duplex Radios) (Now at Apple, SD)
  • Aman Goyal (MS 2020) (OTFS communication) (Now at Apple, SJ)
  • Rohit Kumar(MS 2020) (Full Duplex) (Now at Qualcomm, SD)
  • Shruti Jain (MS 2020) (Full Duplex) (Now at XCOM Labs, SD)
  • Shreya Nayak (MS 2020) (OTFS communication) (Now at Qualcomm, SD)
  • Inderjot Singh (MS 2020) (S-cube Net Machine learning) (Highlight: ECCV’20) (Now at, Cupertino)
  • Aman Raj (MS 2020) (Signet) (Highlight: CVPR’19) (Now at Apple, SJ)
  • Yunchieh (Zena) Chang (MS 2020) (Deep Learning and Indoor Localization)
  • Sanatan Sharma (MS 2020) (Machine Learning) (Highlight: Mobicom’20) (Now at TuSimple, SD)
  • Shrinidhi Venkatakrishnan (MS 2020) (Virtual Reality) (Now at Qualcomm, SD)
  • Tejas Sadarhalli (MS 2020) (5G testbed) (Now at Qualcomm, SD)
  • Shrivatsan Rajagopalan (MS 2019) (Localization) (Highlight: NSDI’20) (Now at Qualcomm, SD)
  • Aravind Seetharaman (MS 2019) (Localization) (Highlight: NSDI’20) (Now at Qualcomm, SJ)
  • Shreya Ganesaraman (MS 2019) (Localization) (Highlight: NSDI’20) (Now at Intel, SD)
  • Arunkumar Ravichandran (MS 2019) (Wireless VR) (Now at Cisco)
  • Yue Meng (MS 2019) (SigNet) (Highlight: CVPR’19) (Now at Honda Research Institute, SJ)
  • Samuel Sunarjo (BS-MS 2019) (SigNet) (Highlight: CVPR’19) (Now at Qualcomm, SD)
  • Kavya Potluri (MS 2019) (Now at Qualcomm, SD)
  • Vamsidhar Reddy (MS 2019) (Machine Learning) (Now at Cruise Automation, SJ)
  • Rohit Kulkarni (MS 2018) (Spectrum Sensing) (Now at Qualcomm, SD)

Alumni BS students

  • Scott Zhao (BS 2020) (Localization) (Now M.S. at Columbia, NY) (IMWUT 2021)
  • Siyuan Zhu (BS 2020) (Radar for autonomous vehicles) (Co-authored Sensys’20)

UCSD Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP)

Summer 2020

  • Keshav Rungta (BS)
  • Minghui (Scott) Zhao (BS)
  • Shivani Bhakta (BS)
  • Samantha Long (BS)
  • Eamon Patamasing (BS)
  • Yidong Li (BS)
  • Siyuan Zhu (BS)
  • Raini Wu (BS)
  • Tyler Chang (BS)
  • Zijia Guo (BS)
  • Gautham Reddy (MS)
  • Xiangwei Shao (MS)
  • Tian Qiu (MS)

Summer 2019

  • Chenfeng Wu (BS) (Robotics SLAM)
  • Scott Zhao (BS) (VR tracking using Radar)
  • Shrinidhi (MS) (Wireless VR)
  • Aman Goyal (MS) (OTFS)
  • Keshav Rungta (BS) (Radar sensing)
  • Keshav Mittal (BS) (Localization)
  • Karl Wang (BS) (Backscatter)
  • Siyuan Zhu (BS) (Radar sensing)

International Summer Interns

Summer 2019

  • Rushang Gupta [IITD] (Bluetooth localization)
  • Raunak Shah [IITK] (Machine Learning, Signet) (Highlight: ECCV’20)
  • Aman Tiwari [IITD] (Phone SLAM)

Summer 2018

  • Raghav Sonavane [IITKgp] (In-body communication) (Now at Sprinklr, India)
  • Raghav Vaidyanathan Subbaraman [IITM] (spectrum sensing) (Highlight: NSDI 2018) (Now PhD at UCSD)
  • Sidharth Kumar [IITD] (Wireless power transfer) (Highlight: Mobisys 2019) (Now PhD at UT Austin)
  • Zihan Zhang [BUPT China] (Spectrum sensing) (Now MS at Michigan University)