How can you help BluBLE fight COVID-19?

BluBLE aims to design an accurate personalized risk score to quantify the risk of contracting COVID-19 from interactions with other people. In order to achieve this, we need to collect data from a diverse set of environments and devices.

What will you get in return? You helping us out in this data collection step, would allow both tailoring custom algorithms to generate persoanlized risk scores for each of you, as well as a highly robust environment agnostic system for others.

What do you have to do? We would like you to perform a simple experiment (~ 10 mins long). For the experiment, you would require two devices -- one would be a mobile device so that you can move around freely (Mobile Device); the other would be any electronic device as per your preference (Fixed Device). The Fixed Device(Transmitter) will transmit bluetooth signals and the Mobile Device(Receiver) will receive them. Please watch this short clip to get an idea about the experiment you would be performing with base device and mobile device.

Please select your Fixed Device and Mobile Device from the following options to obtain the installation and experiment instructions

Fixed Device

Mobile Device

Not supported as of yet